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Top 6 Benefits of HR Software

A few years ago, if human resources wanted to keep employee records, their only option was a paper-based or at best a spreadsheet system. Fast Forward to today and current human resource management systems are available in the cloud and employees can securely access their information anywhere, anytime. HR software brings automation of HR activities…


The Role of Leave Management System In The HR Software

Maintaining compliance and managing leave data can be challenging when you are managing it manually or using Excel. It can be quite unmanageable and time-consuming for managers to manage employee records, process each employee’s leave information and ensure compliance with the company’s leave policy. HR software can dramatically simplify leave management and add value by…

The Role of Leave Management System In The HR

Rates of Provident Fund (PF) Administrative Charges reduced

Ministry of Labor and Employment decided to reduce the administrative costs PF to be paid by employers. According to the notification issued S.No Particulars Non Contributory (No Employee is being paid, but PF code is in use) Non contributory (No Employee is being paid, but PF code is in use) Old Rate Up to 31st…


Withdrawal policy for International Workers under Provident Fund

The instructions outlined below have to be followed while making payment to the international worker at the time of leaving India: Employer should make the payment of contribution through separate ECR within 3 days of the month in which the member is leaving the country; Employer should submit the claim forms in respect of such…


Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2017 (Clarifications)

Maternity Benefit Act 2017 was passed in March 2017 and all the provisions introduced were applicable from April 2017. The major changes brought in by April 2017 were: Extension of maternity benefit period to 26 weeks (from 12 weeks ) Extending the maternity benefit provision towards adopting as well as commissioning mothers. Maternity leave for…


Gratuity exemption limit proposed to be increased

7th Pay Commission brings good news for government employees and promises the same for those in the private sector. The 7th Pay Commission has recently increased the gratuity exemption limit to Rs. 20 Lacs (earlier the limit was Rs. 10 Lac) for all their government employees. Furthermore, the Ministry of Labour and Employment is in discussion…