• Dashboards
  • Data From Attendance Readers
  • Multiple Shifts And Rosters
  • Automated Overtime Calculation
  • Automate Holiday Work/Off Day Work Calculations
  • Timesheet
  • Reports
  • Employees can view their Time sheets, official details, In Puch / Out Punch , Working Hours, Late Incommings , Attendance etc.
  • This is useful when your workforce usually reports to work at designated places. Data can be captured using various attendance capture devices such as, proximity readers or biometric devices.
  • System has one of the most comprehensive shift and roster mechanism to handle multiple shifts, shift rotating sequence, rotating off days and policies associated with them.
  • System allows calculation of overtime automatically, along with the provision for approval of overtime using a built-in workflow on manager self service.
  • System allows advance scheduling of weekly off and holiday work. It allows post-facto approval of holiday and working on offdays - in case authorisation is required for that. The Emportant payroll administration module can automate the calculations and payments for such extra work
  • System provides the Timesheet feature as another way to capture the working details. This is most suitable for professional services firms
    1. Timesheet can be published through self service to onsite and offisite employees
    2. Create timesheets for different categories of employees
    3. Timesheets can track time spent on various projects assigned to employees
    4. Flexible configuration allows for auto approval of timesheets, check for contract hours vs time logged, weekly or monthly timesheets, control over who can fill timesheets, and more
    5. Timesheet can be used to record time off
    6. Appproved timesheets can automatically feed data to payroll for overtime, reduction of paid hours based on hours worked, project specific allowances and more
  • All timesheet reports, department wise , employee wise , Early & Late , Travel , MisPunch etc