• This module helps keep track of company assets like PCs, Mobile, etc. which are allotted to the employees, under whose charge it was allotted etc. Medical, mileage, petrol, travel bills, etc., can be claimed by employees through online or mobile submission via ESS module. All this is fully integrated with the payroll module making the monthly payment cycle stress and hassle free.
  • Empowering employees with ESS allows them to submit their expenses on a regular basis rather than at the end of the month, saving immense time and paperwork at the end of the month when HR and Accounts are busy with the monthly payroll process. Also with our ESS module integration, employees can use their smartphone application to take pictures of their expense bills and upload directly for approval by the concerned authority.
  • Additionally, our GPS based tracking gives HR and Managers a detailed daily report of an employee’s movement during a day, this information can be used to verify mileage claims by your employees, giving you an added layer of monitoring your expenses and overhead.
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