A HRIS, which is also known as a human resource information system (HRIS) or human resource management system (HRMS) is basically connection of HR and IT through online HR software. This allows human resource activities and processes to occur electronically.

The HRIS forms the heart of HR Mangtaa. A module has a powerful HR analytics tool that helps in employee data management. Module mainly contains information about the employee, covering areas like Personal Details, Status of Employee, Educational Qualifications, Professional Experience, Position details within the organization, Skill sets, Remuneration details, Travel and Identity details etc.

Employee Database is linked with the HR and Payroll. So, a user can easily view and navigate to all the transactions of an employee and get a comprehensive report on an employee’s performance in the company.


  • This Module of HR Mangtaa includes an official main page that shows a complete detail of employee like the department, the location he belongs to, the date of confirmation and retirement.
  • Dynamic employee code creation is available wherein the code pattern is automatically generated based on a combination of alphabets or serial numbers.
  • The user can view employee personal details he can also update his marital status, hobbies, sports, extracurricular activities he participates and awards he has received.
  • The user can view , update employee’s job experience, academic and qualification details.
  • The user can maintain Disciplinary actions like suspensions, salary cuts or terminations in this module.
  • Searching the employee database is made easier- user can do it based on criteria, age, and experience in the company. The user can also generate reports of it easily.
  • You can send email / SMS to your employees by creating templates for the same.
  • Full and final exit form for an employee when he leaves the office is available wherein details like reason for exit, date of resignation are to be filled. User can decide whether to disable him from logging onto HR Mangtaa.