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Technology in the form of modern HR System is essential for any size of Organization now. In order to keep your HR System function relevant and valuable; everything starting from Payroll, HRIS, Time Tracking, Leave management, Claim & Reimbursement, Loans & Advance, Employee Self Service, Performance and more to Training should be synchronized.

This is possible using right HR Software i.e. HR Mangtaa for your Business. Get all functions of HR System in one HR Software:

Ease your Payroll Services: Employees attendance and leaves are managed or retrieved easily using the time-tracker facility. Also the HR can modify the leaves of employees; add incentives, overtime and much more. The employee’s salary slip can also be managed in this.

Performance: Every employee can review their performance and get an opportunity to express their outlooks, which in turn becomes easier to discuss about work. This also adds up to their improved performance. Can also set automated reminders for different types of work and much customized.

Claim & Reimbursement: Employees can send travel, communication, general expense, custom and reimbursements requests easily through the dashboard with the click of a button.

Loans & Advances: Employees are granted the facility of applying for a loan online over the network with certain policies. It offers a full range of automatic loan processing capabilities.

The only Viable solution for your HR System is HR Mangtaa.

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