Finally the GST Constitution Amendment bill sailed through the Rajya Sabha with a thumbing majority of 197-0. It’s to clinch the deal for the HR System.

Get ready with the splendid HR Software (HR Mangtaa) before the law comes into effect. To unify with GST means IT vendors need to create new software versions based on new tax rules and more.

Expertise for GST Implementation:  On the skills agenda, the IT personnel needs to modernize the business processes to adhere with the GST Standards.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • ERP
  • System Administration and more

Movement of Business: Following movements need to be taken by business personnel:

  • Review your business processes and supply chains to identify the incidence of GST and requirement for additional working capital for transactions not being taxed at present.
  • Discuss with suppliers and customers for necessary amendments of contracts and business terms.
  • Accounting and reporting requirements.

HR’s Aspect for GST Implementation: The basic things HR should expertise is Accounting, ERP, System Management etc. Along with this he should involve in employee adoption and training, transition management, and transformation of the organization for success of the project. Evaluate every employee’s skills and capabilities. The business personnel should

  • Recruit highly qualified and technically strong HR Professionals.
  • Automate HR Transactions

IT Personnel’s Aspect for GST Implementation: IT Personnel needs to expertise in following:

  • Modify the existing IT structure in all ways.
  • Integrate with government and other necessary agencies for the new system.
  • Enhance the skills of all personnel on transition.

Also accelerate logistics and supply chain management team.

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  1. A piece of erioitudn unlike any other!

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