Employee satisfaction plays an important role in determining the success of a business. Among the various parameters that contribute to employee satisfaction, promoting the process of performing leave and getting approval in time plays a very important role.
Here are some functions of leave management system that helps in improving the quality of your employee’s and business:

Accurate Leave Information

The leave management system allows HR personnel to get faster access to all data relating to employee leave balances, leave wishes, trends/absence patterns, etc. In addition, all information is available on a single cloud hub and thus instant access is not a problem, even when you are traveling. This saves your human resources department from the time-consuming task of navigating through a pile of file cabinets and tables for employee leave information, which saves a lot of time and effort.

Determine Leave Types

The leave management system allows management to determine different types of leave including earned/privileged leave, casual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, compensatory off etc. The module also allows you to create and customize the types of holidays in accordance with the employee, appointments, and location. Leave management system gives the opportunity to set the vacation based on hours worked per day – half day pay or half day without pay. All leave types determined by the rules and policy.

Instant Information About Employee Availability

For each manager and team leader, it is important to inquire about the availability of his teammates at any time of the day. The cloud-based leave management system helps navigate this concern with ease because the software allows team leaders and managers to check the availability of employees on their smartphones, laptop etc. at any time.

Leave Request And Approval

The leave management system allows the employee to request for leave depending on their needs and the company’s human resources policy, from short to long leave, sick leave allowance. Employees can view their last request for leave and the current status of the application for approval. The leave is applied through request, they are checked by the engine of the leave rules and therefore, generate a message and the necessary warnings, which helps employees make the right decision.

Leave Reports and Alerts

Leave management system is highly flexible and highly configurable to generate reports and alerts based on workflows of an organization. All reports can be exported to different formats, depending on the rights and roles assigned.

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