mBio-G1 is High recognition ability for injured and peeled fingers, the identification time is less than 0.8 second. Three authentication Methods: fingerprints, Rfid card, Password and any combination. The stability of the device proves that it can work in any condition in office and factory areas.

Technical Specification

Identification Mode FP,PIN,CARD
Virificatio mode FP,PIN,CARD
LCD Display 2.4”
User Capacity 1000
Transaction Capacity 100000
Communication TCP/IP, USB
Resolution 320*240
FAR <0.00001%
FRR <0.1%
Identification speed 0.8 s
Learning feature YES
Sensor Optical
Language ENGLISH
Access Controller N/A
Battery Backup N/A
Operating Voltage 5V
Operating temperature 20% ~ 80%
Output excel report in machine N/A
Push technology YES
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