The Ministry of Labour introduced two new schemes for labour welfare ‘One IP-Two Dispensaries’ and ‘Aadhaar-Based Online Claim Submission’  on International Labour Day  (1st May 2017).


  1. Aadhaar – Based Online Claim Submission scheme:


EPF Members who have activated their UAN and seeded their KYC (Aadhaar) with EPFO will now under this scheme be able to apply for PF final settlement (Form19), Pension withdrawal benefit (Form10-C) and PF part withdrawal (Form31) from their UAN Interface directly. The three forms collectively represent more than 80% of the EPFO claim workload. Members can complete the entire online process and they do not need to interact with the employer or field office EPFO to file an online claim. They are not required to provide any supporting document while preferring online PF part withdrawal case. The member who submits an online application will be considered as your self-declaration to choose the advance claim.


  1. One IP (Individual Person) – Two Dispensaries:


Earlier, under the ESIC policy, only one dispensary was to be enrolled, wherein the Individual Person and his or her family were eligible for medical treatment. In cases where workers were working in other states, their families were deprived of medical benefits due to non-availability of the option of a second dispensary (for dependent members of the worker’s family). Thus, by introducing the concept of ‘One IP-Two Dispensaries’, the individual as well as the members of the family can benefit from treatment of one of the clinics and, in the case of emergencies, from any ESI Institution.

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  1. Shoot, who would have thoghut that it was that easy?

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