Becoming a Partner

1. I want to resell and/or recommend Mangtaa commercial products. How do I apply for a Mangtaa Partnership?

First, please fill out our partnership application. Next, our partner team will review your application and then contact you normally within 72 working hours to discuss your application further.

2. I want to embed Mangtaa commercial product(s) into my solution. Do you have a program that handles this?

Yes. If you are interested in embedding Mangtaa. Please send us a detailed information by filling up the form click here. We will contact you normally within 72 working hours .

3. Are there different levels of membership in the Mangtaa Partner Program? If so, how do I decide between the different partnership levels?

Yes, there are different membership levels. Click here to read about the different levels, and to review the benefits and requirements for each level.

4. Is there a cost to become a partner?

Yes. Membership in the HRMS Mangtaa Partner Program is an annual subscription. Each partner level has a corresponding annual fee. See the benefits matrix for the fees.

5. What can I do to promote Mangtaa's products and services?

You can place banners and links provided or approved by us on your site or send emails to your opt-in subscribers and customers to promote Mangtaa’s products and services. Besides, you can also manually create customer accounts in your partner portal.

6. I'm not familiar with scripts. How can I use your marketing materials on my site?

It’s very easy. Just log into your partner account, copy the code of the marketing material you want to use and then paste it where you wish it to display on your site.

7. Can I modify the marketing materials you provide?

No. You shall not modify or alter the marketing materials provided by Mangtaa’s in any way without our prior consent.

8. Can I use email blast to promote Mangtaa's products and services?

Yes. We generally approve mailings so long as the recipient is already a customer or subscriber of your services, and can unsubscribe from future mailings.

9. Can I integrate your software into our system and charge our customers for it?

Yes, you can integrate our software with your application using API with appropriate licences and sell your products.

10. Do you offer white-labeled products or can I remove the Powered by Mangtaa's logo?

YNo. Our logo cannot be removed. Branding is our most important goal currently. You may have your logo together with ours.