HR Mangtaa Payroll Software Module is designed to handle varied types of payroll and business specific rules ensuring all business specific payroll rules can be implemented in the software. Fully integrated with modules like leave & attendance, time & location tracking, claims & reimbursements, loans & advances, bonus, performance management etc. HR Mangtaa is the most advanced and comprehensive Payroll software system with dynamic pay slip generation, TDS, PF, ESI etc. with online challan where supported by government

Payroll generation is the single most tedious and time consuming task that is often split across HR and Accounting functions within an organization, with HR Mangtaa this task can be completed in a matter of minutes versus days. Given the cost of HR Mangtaa we are confident that your organization will more than recover the cost of this software simply through the time savings achieved by doing your monthly process through our automated Payroll module. It is important to note that we do not charge you per employee for Payroll, what this means is that no matter how many employees you have in your organization your cost for using the software never changes.

We are in an era where time is money and companies are automating every aspect of their operations to the extent possible, should you not be doing the same with your HR function? HR Mangtaa is the answer Digital India has been looking for, we save you the time by automating the tedious paperwork so HR can focus on things they really should be doing, i.e. interacting with employees, increasing morale, building a company culture, team-building etc.

HR Mangtaa is an end-to-end payroll management system that provides payroll solutions on cloud for large, medium or small enterprises. With its extensive features, this payroll software is an affordable way to process payroll across any industry or vertical including Manufacturing, Telecom, IT, ITES, Retail, BFSI, FMCG, Logistics, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Entertainment. Our solutions require little or no additional infrastructure costs and are packed with powerful tools that can process payroll for a couple or a few thousand employees.

  • Define any kind of loans or salary advances and calculate on flat, reducing, PMT and average value method.
  • HR Mangtaa payroll software automatically calculates loan EMI once the loan is granted.
  • The personal or housing loan comes as a deduction in the pay slip. Can generate reports for the same and track how many employees have taken the loan and how much of the loan money is outstanding.
  • Perks earning can be defined in the System along with the number of pay earning, perk recovery and deductions.
  • As per the requirements, Pay heads can be included in full or final settlement or a flexible benefits plan or in group insurance.
  • Adjustments can be based on full or negative or partial amount for any deductions like PF.
  • Most complex pay can be calculated with the help of HR Mangtaa. HR Mangtaa is customized 100%.
  • Easily configure the pay heads including flexible benefits based on a formula or a maximum limit.
  • The module has Profession Tax table.
  • Powerful income tax formula builder.
  • Salary can be processed in few easy steps.
  • Employees can view their salary, loan and income tax slips online in a few clicks.
  • Standard reports can be generated for the company or can be looked at more granularly at the department, designation or branch level.
  • Automated generation of salary statements, Form 16, PF, ESIC statements, loan transactions, arrears exemptions, TDS reports, salary reconciliation, e-form 24 Q, PF and ESIC reports and challans can also be managed and generated at the click of a button.
  • User friendly set-up features to create your organization
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Date-based transactions to handle retrospective and multiple pay revisions
  • Easy to use online help manual
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