The Payment of bonus amendment act 2015

Do you know the applicable minimum wages for your industry? No !!! then it is time for you to get it and revise your compensation structure. This is not just for wages but it is also mandatory for paying bonus as well.   The Payment of Bonus(Amendment) act, 2015 received the assent of the President…


Primary Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager

Similar to other department managers, a human resource manager has two basic functions: overseeing department functions and managing employees. For this reason, a human resources manager must be well-versed in each of the human resources disciplines – compensation and benefits, training and development, employee relations, and recruitment and selection. Core competencies HR managers have are…


59 Employee Engagement Ideas You Need to Know About

HR managers can agree that employee engagement and retention is at the top of their priority list. Every company wants to attract and keep the best talent. The problem? Many employees in today’s job market quickly feel uninspired by their work, get bored after 2 years and start job hunting for something new. So we decided…


HR & Payroll Software Reduces Errors And Pressure

Need is the mother of all innovations and relevantly it suits to the HRM and payroll software which is presently turned out to be a vital piece of the human resource division of an association. It has helped in the diminished of paper to a vast degree in the HR departments of associations. The HRMS…

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Key Advantages of Using Payroll Software

Many companies are realizing the advantages in utilizing effective payroll software; it is efficient, accurate and provides good value-for-money. However, there is also a range of benefits that venture beyond that, such as time recording. Payroll systems can incorporate time sheets, making hard copies a thing of the past. Hard copies can be unreliable, easily…


Payroll Software System Brings Peace to Your Payroll Processing

Accurate Processing of the Payroll of a Business: On one hand, it disturbs the work environment and the relationship between the management and the employees. On the other hand, it affects the compliance record of the business. It irks the government agencies which may ask the company officials for an explanation. The payroll processing takes…

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