Role Of HR Is Evolving

The Role Of HR Is Evolving, Now It’s Time For You Get Evolve

It was not so long ago that the administration of hiring, compensation, and benefits was the center of a human resources framework. With the growing need for companies to create a positive experience for employees to retain the better performers, human resources have to fully integrate with HR Software. HR is now focused on creating…


The Payment of bonus amendment act 2015

Do you know the applicable minimum wages for your industry? No !!! then it is time for you to get it and revise your compensation structure. This is not just for wages but it is also mandatory for paying bonus as well.   The Payment of Bonus(Amendment) act, 2015 received the assent of the President…

HR System

The Hub of Entire HR System

Technology in the form of modern HR System is essential for any size of Organization now. In order to keep your HR System function relevant and valuable; everything starting from Payroll, HRIS, Time Tracking, Leave management, Claim & Reimbursement, Loans & Advance, Employee Self Service, Performance and more to Training should be synchronized. This is…


Rates of Provident Fund (PF) Administrative Charges reduced

Ministry of Labor and Employment decided to reduce the administrative costs PF to be paid by employers. According to the notification issued S.No Particulars Non Contributory (No Employee is being paid, but PF code is in use) Non contributory (No Employee is being paid, but PF code is in use) Old Rate Up to 31st…


Primary Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager

Similar to other department managers, a human resource manager has two basic functions: overseeing department functions and managing employees. For this reason, a human resources manager must be well-versed in each of the human resources disciplines – compensation and benefits, training and development, employee relations, and recruitment and selection. Core competencies HR managers have are…