New Scheme Launched Under ESIC

The Ministry of Labour introduced two new schemes for labour welfare ‘One IP-Two Dispensaries’ and ‘Aadhaar-Based Online Claim Submission’  on International Labour Day  (1st May 2017).   Aadhaar – Based Online Claim Submission scheme:   EPF Members who have activated their UAN and seeded their KYC (Aadhaar) with EPFO will now under this scheme be…


EPFO Introduces Real Time System in EPFO Default Management

EPFO has introduced the ECR 2.0 for online collection of remittances through multi-banking. After introduction of the Unified Portal system for remittance of contributions, real time monitoring of the remittance position of the establishments has become a reality. The salient features and sequence of action are as follows – An SMS alert shall be sent…

Role Of HR Is Evolving

The Role Of HR Is Evolving, Now It’s Time For You Get Evolve

It was not so long ago that the administration of hiring, compensation, and benefits was the center of a human resources framework. With the growing need for companies to create a positive experience for employees to retain the better performers, human resources have to fully integrate with HR Software. HR is now focused on creating…


Payroll Software Can Help Reduce Time-Consuming And Costly Mistakes

Processing payroll is not as simple or as easy as it sounds. The complication of keeping accurate records of hours worked, computing wages, and ensuring that you pay overtime correctly is a time-consuming task. Including factors like medical benefits, time off and retirement funds arrangements may require even small businesses to invest many hours on…

Online Payroll Software

Implement GST Easily By HR & IT Professionals

Finally the GST Constitution Amendment bill sailed through the Rajya Sabha with a thumbing majority of 197-0. It’s to clinch the deal for the HR System. Get ready with the splendid HR Software (HR Mangtaa) before the law comes into effect. To unify with GST means IT vendors need to create new software versions based…


Manage Your Employee Leave with Automated Leave System

Automated employees leave management system robotize manual HR professionals duty, to free HR staff from performing these core human resources activities. This system offers many features including time-off email, notifications email, time off approval, time off balance records, availability of employee, and up to date information that will help enhance the overview of the organization.…

Automated Leave System