Understanding what your employees are up to is critical to every organizations continued success. With HR Mangtaa you now do not have to worry about where your employees are with complete and seamless integration with any Biometric device. Have employees who work in the field, or off-site, you no longer have to worry, with our ESS module Time and Location Tracking is built into our mobile app, allowing you to know exactly where your employee is at any given time. With this one feature our customers have been able to see significant cost savings within their organizations and feel confident they are getting the most out of their employees.

Along with time tracking the module also allows you to customize your shifts with flexible shift option. You can also incorporate any corporate rules you have in terms of attendance such as late arrivals, half days, overtime etc. and have the results automatically reflect in the payroll for that given month. HR Mangtaa is designed to take the hassle out of managing a work force.

time tracking
  • Module can capture data from any access control or Biometric system directly on real time basis from any and multiple locations. You can have an attendance rooster on your desktop every morning.
  • Allows you to set different attendance month period other than calendar month.
  • Can set different public holidays for different employees.
  • Different rules for fixed/flexi and semi flexi shift can be defined.
  • Different week offs can be set for different employees.
  • Different set of rules for absent can be applied.
  • Employees can swipe their attendance using Employee Self-Service if they forget to punch in biometric machine.
  • Auto shift rotation is done easily for employees.
  • Can set different policies for late coming, early going, monthly deficit hours and overtime.
  • Admin control so no one can manipulate their working hours.
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