A manual payroll system requires payroll that is processed manually and therefore much slower than an automated procedure. An automated payroll system allows the employer to process payroll through a computerized system. The most obvious advantage of payroll software is that payroll calculations can be completed in a fraction of the time then they do manually. This system can offer much more than the ability to calculate legal deductions – such as national tax and insurance – and maintain cumulative totals. They can also integrate Time Tracking systems that record employee attendance or time worked. In this way, the information on hours worked, either automatically collected by a user or operator, connected to a system.

1. Easy Calculations
Accuracy is required to pay employees the right money they have earned. To avoid the difficulty of manually computing the payroll, you can use a software to automate the process. The withholding tax is calculated for each employee based on data entry in the conditions of detention. This reduces the likelihood of errors in the payroll tax, which can lead to charges from the Corporate tax and the income tax. The process is productive and efficient to save time and money. Your accounting department can create reports and financial documents easily.

2. Easy Forecasting
Payroll system allows you to view and control instantly all payroll expenses. This helps you graph the financial data to help you create a forecast. If you have an idea of your business performance, it will be much easier to choose when you need to employ new workforce for the company. You can make adjustments and calculate salary increases to help you make an assessment of how this will affect your money. It’s easier to know if your decision is good for business.

3. Save Time
It takes extra time and resources for a company to manage payroll manually. But the payroll software helps to accelerate all aspects of the payroll process with a number of automated functions.

4. Safe Backup
As a company, keeping large amounts of data on the payroll can be difficult. You can not store plenty of documents and data manually. However, when using payroll software, it is convenient to save the records to various databases available online. If your computer or system is destroyed, you should always have a backup to recover all your recordings.

5. Cost Effective
By taking control of the payroll through the software rather than hiring another person to keep records, there is great potential to save money … especially once you can use the software quickly and efficiently.

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