In Outright Purchase, software is sold as a perpetual license with an up-front cost (and an ongoing support charges). Client will have to pay, upfront/advance total/half cost of the software & then the software is installed & implemented on the centralised server of the client, which would be accessible to all, over the internet / intranet.

Sensys Technologies is charging upfront cost for granting right to use the software & other activities like implementation, training & updates within warranty period etc. Please note by offering this software license, Sensys Technologies is not transferring any rights other than those that allow the client to use the software exclusively for internal needs.

  • Intial investment is high but pays off over a period of time
  • Application & Data is controlled & handle by the client
  • Dedicated IT Staff required for maintainance & support of servers, hardwares etc.


Software as a Service is Software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. The application and data is hosted on the vendors server, where on access to use the software is given.

In SaaS, the client do not have pay upfront cost of the software, instead they can buy the software on monthly subscription by paying per employee per month basis.

  • No software or hardware to purchase, install or maintain.
  • No Infrastructure requirement like server, as it is centrally hosted on vendors server.