Who should buy HR MANGTAA?

HR MANGTAA an online Human Resource Management System. It is designed so flexible that it can be used by any organization irrespective of the size and structure. Below are the enlisted industries where HR MANGTAA can be a highly efficient:

  • Manufacturing and Retailing
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Media and Marketing
  • Education and Non Profit Organization
  • Technology and Communication
  • Government Agencies
  • Customer Service Industry
  • BPO & KPO
  • Accounting and Financial Establishment
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Clothing and Apparels
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Consulting Organization
  • Hotels and Hospitality Groups
  • Insurance Companies
  • IT Oriented Service Industries
  • Legal Bodies
  • And Many More……

Whether you are Manufacturer, Service provider,Trading Company, Warehousing, Large, Medium Small Scale industry with a staff of more then 20 people HR MANGTAA gives you the flexibility to manage HR responsibilities in the way that works best for your organization.