As per Sir Isaac Newton Third Law: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”

But here in MANGTAA we defy the law as we offer our MANGTAA Product to our customer delivering some real efficient USP in our product in comparison to the cost of the automation tool.

  User Friendliness

MANGTAA Products strictly follow the Law of Least Astonishment: The program should act in a way that least astonishes the user. MANGTAA products are so simple that it reduces the demand of a computer expert to automate the system


MANGTAA have developed a unique framework which helps to keep the development cycle short and module pricing at a minimum. Hence we guarantee our customer with efficient automation at affordable price.


Software as a Service virtually eliminates risks and large expenses associated with a system purchase. All MANGTAAproducts are developed as SAAS model thereby reducing the customer initial hardware cost.


MANGTAA’s products implementation is not a tedious job. MANGTAA’s Products are SaaS solution (“Software as a Service”). This means that you don’t need to buy servers and server software to start using it. You don’t need employees to maintain and upgrade servers either. We host the whole thing for you. Safe backup firewalls and security is our responsibility.

All you have to do is focus on actually using the software to run your rental business.

  Tested and Approved

Every MANGTAA product post development is subjected to a stern testing procedure where it is been tested for its applicability, business process flow, user friendliness, integration, data security and system performance in order to deliver our customer a best of breed product.


Post-implementation support is what happens when the switch is turned on. Appropriate levels of resources, rapid response times and coordination of efforts are key success factors which MANGTAA promises to its clients.

Not only will you be seeing the benefits of our relationship with you, you can also help to make a difference! We love to hear any feedback and we ask customers to join in on discussion threads in our MANGTAA Product Forum


After the implementation, MANGTAA provide training to your staff on the current version of automation software.


MANGTAA believes in continuous research and also have a process of continuous feedback evaluation as a result the product gets enhanced day by day, All the upgrades are passed on to the existing customers at merely no cost.


Return on Investment, every business investment be it a big or small need the judgment of its investment. MANGTAA products are an attribute to the parameters of ROI as we have a count on every aspect of an investment. As MANGTAA product are Quality tested and approved with an effective implementation plan that it reduces all the installation cost, hardware cost and operating cost hereby giving our customers an efficient healthy 24X7 employee named as MANGTAA Product