HRMS Mangtaa is a leading HR Software & Payroll Software Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India providing complete solution to manage all human resources and providing a leading edge in promoting your business growth.

HRMS Mangtaa is a Complete Cloud (SAAS based) HRMS management solution for small, med sized and large companies- driving improved efficiency and accurate decisions across all your key HR tasks.

Complete information digitalised of your employees.

Three step payroll accurate and simple payroll calculation, integrated with taxation and Finance.

Track employee timings and attendance effectively with your biometric devices.

Manage Control, Approve leaves of employees with  fully customized and flexible leave policies.

Complete information of your claims & reimbursement easily upload and approve at click of button.

Track,Maintain,Upload and approval of your loans and advances hassle free.

Let your employee maintain , review , apply and manage Training, Materials,Investments, TDS , Tax Planner, Leaves, Requests etc by their own.

Upload Approve and Calculate TDS and TAX effectively.

Control working hours and costs of your employees.All information at the click of button.

Your complete staffing solutions from requirement to assessment to intake.

Identify, Scope , achieve, monitor and boost your employees performance.

Train and Track your employee skills that drive business success.


Your Recruitment, Our Commitment

Performance Management

Promote, adapt and improve employee performance effectively

Human Capital Management

Maximize every rupee you invest in your employees

Strategic HRMS Solutions

Identify, Attract, Retain, Develop, and Motivate people with the perfect HR Mangtaa Solution.
HRMS Mangtaa is a leading HR software-as-a-service provider of HRM. Our setup and deployment process has been used successfully and fine tuned with hundreds of clients. our heritage isn’t only about hr software- it’s about how we serve our customers. Experience of our customer starts with our commitment to deliver personalized and professional service at every stage. We continue to adapt parallely as your business grows and its need changes.
Local Expertise- Our sales people, consultants, HR software developers and help desk representatives are highly qualified and all have specific training and experience in HRMS processes.
Responsive Support- We provide comprehensive customer support, including regular updates, 24*7 access to our online help and live technical support.
Quality of service
Team MANGTAA offers you a state of art technology innovation which allows us to introduce a up to mark level of product and service innovation into your business to create new revenue opportunities. We keep abreast of the latest technology and how it applies to your business issues. What you get from us is best-of-breed solutions. Every new solution which we bring to you is a dedicated teamwork of our developers so that we cater our customer’s need to the best of the taste..!
Integrated Solution
Our features and modules are designed, deployed and adapted to needs of small and large business. We continously add features to our platform to ensure clients have all the tools they need to manage their workforce efficiently.
Full Customization

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